Upgrade OBDScar OS601


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What has been updated?

  • V11.9 optimizes the CAN communication method, making it possible to read more vehicles.
  • V11.8 increases the number of DTC databases, each language has 13000+ items.
  • V11.6 version adds real-time data stream comparison for OBDScar OS601. Now, you can observe (up to 4) multiple data at the same time on OS601.
  • The new version also fixes some CAN protocol access issues.

How to upgrade?

(a). Download the upgrade software and data package on the computer

Please download and unzip, run the installation on your PC.

File type: .ZIP
Size: 1234KB
File type: .ZIP
Size: 4940 KB

(b). Install upgrade tool

If you don’t want to use the link above … (such as security issues? Or download speed)
You can use the following link (Google Drive):

1.Upgrade Tool


2.Database for V11.9


(c). Use mini usb cable to connect OS601 with computer.

(d). Open the upgrade tool and select the downloaded database V11.9 (please decompress first when using it)

During the upgrade process, be careful not to disconnect, wait for the screen to prompt success, that is, the upgrade is successful